The history of MOSiR

The Municipal Sports and Recreation Center in Rybnik was established in 1975.



The first headquarters of MOSiR was in Kamień (Sports) Center which included hotel ‘Olimpia’, camping no. 200 and swimming pool with adjacent areas. Later, to MOSiR’s structures were added: Municipal Stadium in Rybnik, outdoor swimming pool ‘Ruda’ and Chwałowice, an indoor swimming pool located on Powstańców street (since 2017 under the name of ‘Yntka’), sports and entertainment hall in Boguszowice and sports complex ‘ORLIK’ in Niedobczyce. Over the years, more facilities were added: the indoor swimming pool in Boguszowice (since 2017 under the name of ‘Aquarium’), gymnasium in Niedobczyce, ‘BUSHIDO’ the Rehabilitation and Recreation Center, mini speedway facility in Chwałowice, as well as twenty football fields (synthetic and natural). At present, MOSiR manages almost 40 objects in 17 districts of Rybnik.

Wiktor Golisz was the first director of MOSiR who created a training facility for the national football team in Kamień. In the seventies of the last century the Polish national team had regularly stayed in mentioned facility in order to prepare for the biggest football events under the leadership of Kazimierz Górski, and in the early eighties headed by the coach Antoni Piechniczek.

For a short time, the director was Henryk Wołkow. Between 1990 and 1997, this position was led by Józef Śliwka, who started a series of recreational events which are continued. At the turn of 1997 and 1998 Wiesław Sojka performed the duties of the director. Since 1998 the director of MOSiR has been Rafał Tymusz.

Since 1997, as a part of the ‘Lato dzieciom’ campaign, MOSiR has organised camps in a small village Doba, in Masuria. Since 2016 these camps have been transformed into summer camps that were organised in the Beskid Mountains. Children and adolescents are currently resting in Międzybrodzie Żywieckie where all the participants can enjoy such attractions as swimming pools, pitches, courts, community rooms, water bikes and kayaks. Moreover, those participants have a rich program of entertainment and education.

For 4 years (1993 - 1997) MOSiR was also very actively involved in Polish-Ukrainian cooperation. The cooperation was based mainly on the youth summer exchange, supporting Ukrainian families, and the construction of a ‘Polish House’ in Ivano-Frankivsk.

The crucial activity of MOSiR Rybnik is maintaining and providing a sports and recreational facility as well as organising sports and recreational events. What is more, the cooperation with local sports clubs and athletes both amateurs and professionals is very important.


The most popular recurrent events organised by MOSiR are:

Półmaraton Księżycowy - the biggest running event in our region, organised at night, which gathers more than 1000 competitors from all over Poland and from abroad.

Bieg Wiosny - a spring running race for children (from preschoolers to school children) and for adult participants.

Bieg Barbórkowy – a running event which is organised on the first Sunday of December, for St. Barbara's Day - the patron saint of miners, at a distance of 10 kilometres.

Rynek Basket - a basketball tournament organised on the market square on the 1st of May.

Trio Basket - a series of basketball tournaments organised on the sports grounds in ‘Park Tematyczny’ near campus.

Ferie zimowe na sportowo - numerous games, tournaments and sports meetings organised for children and adolescents on sport facilities of MOSiR (activities take place during winter holidays).

Rybnicka Amatorska Liga Koszykówki (Rybnik’s Amateur Basketball League) - a semi-annual cycle of basketball meetings held in Rybnik - Boguszowice and in a gym of the ‘YNTKA’ swimming pool (September - April).

Rybnicka Amatorska Liga Piłki Nożnej Halowej (Rybnik’s Amateur Futsal League) - a series of games held in Rybnik - Boguszowice (November - January).

Rajdy rowerowe z MOSiR-em – a one-day or weekend cycling tours, organised most often in cooperation with PTTK and Rybnik Cycling Group ‘Victoria’, for people of all ages and different abilities.

Międzygimnazjalna Liga Pływacka MOSiR CUP (swimming competition for middle school students), Licealiada Pływacka (swimming competitions for high school students), Mityng Pywacki - swimming competitions organised in indoor swimming pools ‘AQUARIUM’ and ‘YNTKA’

Akademia Biegania – a running academy where you can learn how to run and how to control your breath or you can develop your running skills. Running academy is organised in spring and autumn.

Akademia Jazdy na Łyżwach – ice skating academy that organises ice skating lessons for the youngest.

Akademia Nordic Walking – a nordic walking academy which offers activities for people who enjoy recreational walks with trekking poles.

Akademia Windserfingu – a windsurfing academy which offers windsurfing lessons for children.


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